Accounting Made Easy – The 1-Day Colour-Coded Accounting Course

Most people think accounting is difficult. They are wrong.
Accounting is easy, when you learn it the colour-coded way!

Are you...

  • Intimidated by accounting jargon?
  • Threatened by Financial statements?
  • Scared of debits and credits, journal entries and general ledgers?
  • Baffled by financial ratio analysis?

Our accounting course is:

  • Only ONE day
  • Visual. We use a new, colour-coded method
  • Interactive, engaging discovery-learning
  • Easily customised and tailored for corporates
  • Presented by accountants with personalities

Who can we help?

  • Corporates
  • Small Businesses
  • Government
  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Bookkeepers
Are you threatened by financial statements?
Understanding accounting is fundamental to understanding business and making more informed business decisions. 

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